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Welcome to our comprehensive collection of sanitary hardware, where functionality meets style to enhance your spaces. Explore our diverse product categories designed to elevate the hygiene and aesthetics of your bathrooms and kitchens. From essential fixtures to elegant accessories, we have everything you need to create a clean, modern, and inviting environment.

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Transform your space with our premium sanitary hardware collection, where sophistication and functionality unite seamlessly. From chic faucets to innovative shower systems, explore our thoughtfully coordinated accessories that redefine your surroundings, offering a perfect blend of style and hygiene. Elevate your space with the modern aesthetic and impeccable design of our exceptional sanitary solutions, creating an environment that exudes both elegance and innovation.

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Explore our blog for the latest trends, expert insights, and practical tips in the world of sanitary hardware. From sleek designs to cutting-edge technologies, we're here to redefine your experience with cleanliness and functionality. Join us on a journey where style meets practicality, and where your space transforms into a haven of modern sanitary sophistication.

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Join a community of happy customers who have chosen reliability, durability, and style with our sanitary hardware solutions. These testimonials serve as a testament to our unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction and our continual pursuit of excellence. Discover firsthand the difference that our products make in creating spaces that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also synonymous with cleanliness, durability, and superior craftsmanship.

Top Bathtub manufacturer in india |
Quality craftsmanship and reliability are paramount in my line of work. Grawio has become my go-to supplier for sanitary hardware. The precision engineering in their showers and vanities makes installation a breeze, and the durability ensures customer satisfaction. The extensive range of color CP fi
Best Sanitary hardware manufacturer in india |
As a contractor, I prioritize reliability and quality when selecting suppliers for my projects. Grawio has consistently delivered on both fronts. The range of products, from bathtubs to showers, allows me to meet the unique needs of my clients. The durability of their sanitary hardware ensures that
Bathtub and bath tap manufacuter in haryana |
Partnering with Grawio has been a game-changer for our business. The quality and design of their sanitary hardware, especially the bathtubs and CP fittings, are unparalleled. Our customers love the variety and innovative features, making it easy for us to recommend and sell their products. The color

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Grawio Industries Private Limited is leading organization in the field of sanitary hardware and wellness product. Grawio Industries is NCR based company having corporate office in Gurgaon. The Symbol of Grawio is derived from symbol of water. As the company is in water related product. Though the company is incorporated in 2020, but the seed of incorporation has been sowed in 2017 as a proprietorship, when a group of young individual had started to recognize ground level problems and provided optimal solution. As proprietorship we have served very many clients for wellness products and bath ware.

grawio mission

Venturing into the business of providing proven and cost effective product in the field of sanitary and bath ware.

grawio vision

To educate the society as whole about importance sanitation and healthy life style. To provide world class sanitary and wellness products with the objective of earning wealth for stake holders and enhancing the well-being of our employees. To emerge as one of the first five credible Product providers in the Indian subcontinent by the year 2030

grawio values
Promote learning, innovation, adherence to ethical business practices and spirit of entrepreneurship and ownership at every level of organization.